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    Refactor cmake build & installation related to python apps/devices · 41db38ac
    Johan Ström authored
    This simplifies and normalizes the python based package installations.
    Before, each py service was installed in /opt/agocontrol/bin/agoXXX.py.
    If there was any other .py libraries to be included, they where also
    placed in bin/.
    Now we place the entrypoint in bin/agoXXX (without .py), as a symlink
    which points to python/agoXXX/agoXXX.py. Any extra python files for
    agoXXX are now placed in this python/agoXXX directory as well, avoiding
    global polution in the bin/ dir.
    Updated initscripts & debian control files with new paths
    Should make them templated instead..