Commit ebf28e4f authored by Johan Ström's avatar Johan Ström

Add support for configuring levels on dfferent loggers (python)

parent cd23b479
......@@ -174,12 +174,22 @@ class AgoApp:
lvl_name = lvl_name.upper()
lvl = logging.getLevelName(lvl_name)
# ensure it was a defined level name; if it returns this string, it was unknown.
if lvl == "Level %s" % lvl_name:
raise ConfigurationError("Invalid log_level %s" % lvl_name)
# ..and set it
except ValueError as e:
raise ConfigurationError("Invalid log_level %s: %s" % (lvl_name, str(e)))
# Read logging-specific levels from configuration file. The same functionality is present in
# c++ version with Boost Log channels.
for logger_name, level in self.get_config_section('loggers', (self.app_short_name, 'system')).items():
# Our global level controls "maximum output level" rather than "root" level
# to mimic the way C++ agoapp does. Thus, cap each of the loggers to that level.
lvl = logging.getLevelName(level)
level = max(root.level, lvl)
except ValueError as e:
raise ConfigurationError("Invalid log level for logger %s: %s" % (logger_name, str(e)))
# Find log method..
if self.args.trace or self.args.debug:
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